About Us

At AI Gronomy we are introducing the first-in-class environmental automation and reporting module called 'FARM' that learns from user habits and benchmarks crop specific best practices. 

Wouldn't it be nice to go away for a long weekend? Wouldn't it be nice to not have to call a neighbor or family member to make sure your plants are doing OK? What if they forget to check? What if you are not confident they know what to do properly, or they do something wrong? Welcome to the AI Gronomy controller, developed with the professional and amateur in mind to fully be able to monitor and adapt to growing environments. The FARM uses multiple embedded sensors to gather environmental data, make decisions on that data and maintain optimum growing conditions, alerting you as the grower to any temperature or environmental anomalies.

The AI Gronomy FARM was created to give growers assurance that their systems are working as expected and their crops are best in class via monitoring thus maximizing your profits while minimizing time on site. 



What AI Gronomy can do for you.
A Case Study with an experienced home indoor Cultivator/Gardener:

As a home indoor cultivator/gardener you have experience growing crops inside a tent or small room environment of 100 to 300 square feet. You have systems in place that allow for mostly automated systems: timers for lights, HVAC systems and possibly irrigation. You have been supporting the medical space as a caregiver or supplementing your fresh food growing in the colder months for the past few years. As an indoor cultivator/gardener sometimes you have doubt in your systems ability to operate successfully when you’re not around. Leaving you stuck at home for the holidays, or begging neighbors or other family to check-in on your crops while you’re away, limiting your ability to vacation or get away when needed.

The AI Gronomy FARM assists in your ability to travel or vacation for more than 2 days at a time. Creates confidence in a system that has the ability to check the environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, CO2, and lights at any time and can be interfaced with on a phone or tablet through the cloud dashboard and automatic text messages and emails.

User Experience:
I’m a Cultivator/gardener in Maine and I produce 3 cultivation cycles a year. I’ve been on this cultivation cycle for 2 years and haven’t had a vacation since I started growing indoor plants. I get what I need from this production cycle, but my quality of life would be greatly improved if I could take several vacations throughout the year. My spouse has been asking for a vacation for over a year now and they have planned a getaway for the new year. I’m thinking about skipping or delaying a cultivation cycle to get time for this vacation. I’m disappointed to miss out on the cultivation and plant yields that a delay would mean.
I’ve learned about AI Gronomy and installed a monitoring unit in my 4’x8’ grow tent. I like the data I’m getting on my FARM dashboard. It’s interesting to see the CO2 and VPD levels change during the course of the day, these weren’t part of my operation before. I like the confidence I gained in my system knowing that my lights are on or off when I expect them to be and the temperature is in the optimal zone.
I’ve tested my notification system and get a text and email when my temperature goes above my set points or when I turn a light on when it is not supposed to be. I’m confident that the notifications work as well.
I’ve decided to keep to my usual cultivation cycle and go away for a that long earned vacation, relying on AI Gronomy to monitor the environmental conditions.
I’ve been vacationing for 2 days and haven’t received any notification, I know this means everything is fine. I am worried regardless and check my dashboard. I open my app on my phone. I’m greeted by the usual “All Good” Status message. That’s a relief. The current temperature looks good, and the other set points are where I left them. I feel confident that AI Gronomy has my back. Back to vacationing.