The Atlas - Residential Use

Wouldn't it be nice to go away for a long weekend? Wouldn't it be nice to not have to call a neighbor or family member to make sure your plants are watered? What if they forget to check? What if you are not confident they know what to do properly or do something wrong? Welcome to the AI Gronomy controller that was developed with the professional and amateur in mind to fully be able to monitor, control, and adapt to any size grow environment using a radio mesh network. The controller uses multiple embedded and remote sensors to gather environmental data, make decisions on that data maintaining optimum growing conditions. Along with the sensors, there is an onboard camera that visually monitors your plants and can identify nutrient, mold and insect problems at first indication to enable early intervention. Image classification is at the heart of visual monitoring and can guide the grower to the type of problem that exists in the environment or on the plant surface. All of this can be done remotely on your phone or desktop. Remotely check the temperature and humidity, turn on the lights, turn on your irrigation, check and control CO2, all without having to be there or set foot in your grow room.


Join the growing technological revolution and participate in our program.    AiGronomy is offering a limited release product including one free year of cloud services, an almost $600 savings to you.

How it works:

The AI Gronomy controller is currently on a limited release program and is capable of monitoring your growing environment, including temperature, humidity, CO2 levels and light cycle. You as the grower are able to set ideal conditions on the interactive cloud dashboard. If for any reason those conditions in your grow environment do not fall within your set points an automated text and email will be sent notifying you to correct the environment.

Next Generation:

The technicians here at AI Gronomy are working hard to bring the next generation



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